Being Grateful

Published On December 18, 2012 | By Daniel | Various Ideas

When the holidays come around this time of the year, and the falling snow makes everything surreally quiet and beautiful (this weekend I am visiting friends in Denver), I like to watch the snow fall and meditate on the things I am grateful for. For most of us, we are thankful for our families and those we love. It seems natural to become a little nostalgic for those times in our childhood that made the joyful memories we cherish today, after all, those were our formative years.

I also think of the broader family of people who have contributed to my life. These are the people I interact with on a daily basis, and include my employees, patients, and vendors, to whom I am very grateful. Because of each of all these personalities, I am a better person today than I was yesterday. Each of these individuals have trustingly chosen to work for and with me on a daily basis. And each of these people’s contributions to this unseen community, an ever widening set of concentric “circles of association”, are innumerable.

Of course we must recognize the value of our personal friends, the intimacy and honesty, the opportunity for growth they provide. They are the Sorcerer’s Stone, they are the catalyst that turns lead into gold. We must also consider the new acquaintances we meet every day, offering a fresh slate for a new relationship. Every one of them makes a contribution to who we are, and how we think. They change the direction of our lives at the moment we first encounter them. And some continue to pull us into new directions throughout the years. They help to create the person we will be in the future, and we contribute to their future in turn. This is the reason we should always strive to make every encounter, every meeting, every glance and smile positive and uplifting for everyone involved. Each and every one you stumble upon is God in a new face and robe. And you, are an ever-awakening fragment of that very same Being that you often see as someone else – The Creator of All Things.

So I want to say thank you to all the people who have touched me in one-way or another. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate in your reality and contribute in a positive manner to your lives.

As the holidays surround us with their memories, I hope everyone can take time to sit in quiet appreciation of those around you, to recognize the Oneness between us and to remember our roles in creating each other’s future selves.


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