The Depth of ONE

Published On November 24, 2016 | By Daniel | Poetry

By Daniel Amyx,  Feb. 12, 2006

Dive Deep

Into the Space of God.


Leave all your possessions,



Baggage is not allowed.


Truth is your ticket.


Love is your vessel.


Time is your currency.


Journey Fearlessly

Into the hearts,

Where he and she

and you,


Strive toward the One.


Shedding the past

As a garment



Yet wearing your experience


As a crown.



Reach wide

Across the ages

Of eternity.


Touching the face

of God,

in your fondest embraces,


Love to Love,

Heart to Heart

as Father to child.


Dive Deep

into the Space of God.


Find yourself

in the eyes

of your brothers and sisters.

Walk tenderly on the road to the future.

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