Having been raised “Christian” I am struck by the lack of personal investigation into the mysteries this faith contains. Some of the questions I have, don’t seem to be part of the discussion of others.

What is it about Jesus that allows Him to be Divine as well as human?

How can God, be one being yet also embody the Trinity?

What are the functions of each “person” of the Trinity?

Why do we think the Bible is the Word of God, when no where in the Bible does it say this.

If this is the Word of God, why do we pick some verses as guides to rightful living and ignore others? If this really is the Word of God, ALL of it counts equally, yet we do not treat it this way.

Why do we emphasize what Paul said but almost ignore what Jesus says?

If the Bible really is the Word of God, why are there so many contradictions within it? Isn’t God Perfect?

Why do Christians think they can change God’s Mind by praying? Isn’t God unchangeable?

When I pose these and other questions to Christian claimants, they will often tell me “[they] don’t need to know these things. All [they] need to do is have faith.”

I am surprised by this answer, often dismayed. Is it their intent to do the absolute minimum required of them? Would they expect a promotion at work, if they did the absolute minimum? Of course not. But yet the absolute least they can do, they will do for God.

Aren’t these people curious about the nature of their Creator; the universe; and their place in the Cosmos?

I don’t think anyone believes they will sit on a cloud and eat ice cream in heaven. (Have you seen the movie by Albert Brooks called Defending Your Life? I think you would enjoy it.)  So, does anyone want to know what we will do for eternity? Will we suddenly become perfect, or instead will we be allowed to satisfy our innate sense of curiosity through new discoveries and the adventure of personal growth?

I never hear these things discussed. It’s as if the mere act of raising a question, suggests doubt or a weakness of one’s faith. These unspoken restrictions prevent inquiry and inhibit personal growth. TRUTH is a living thing. Our understanding of it changes as society matures; as the individual matures. Of course there is Absolute Truth, that only an Absolute Creator may comprehend. But for us who are time-bound and space-restricted, we have to deal with Relative Truth. This is truth that is understandable by humans, and reveals itself as we become more spiritually aware.

I believe that our Creator Father wants us to inquire, to seek Him out in all the hidden places.

Throughout many places in the Bible, the writers admonish us to do all we can to find and understand God. Jesus says: “I stand at the door and knock”. He wants to reveal God’s Nature to us. Jesus even says those who see Him, also see The Father. Jesus is transparent to the Revelation of God.

These are the things that intrigue me.  It is said: “ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find”. This isn’t a metaphor or a child’s riddle, it is an invitation toward discovery. It’s a clear promise for those who are willing to more than the absolute minimum. Don’t you want to know more?!