Everywhere in this world there are many things of interest to do. During the winter months we have so many indoor and outdoor sports. In summertime too, we have many activities to create refreshment of mind, body, spirit. There is much to do, and much more time than we think, to do it in. But we are often caught up with the heavy burdens of our lives, burdens that we, have in fact created.

I love to watch children when they play, to listen to their laughter, and see the energy they put into their version of “work”. Regardless of time of year, or who participates, children play with imagination, joy and abandon. As we age we tend to lose this ability to play. We change our perspective on what is important, and what needs our attention. I have to admit that I have done this as well, so I can speak from experience. Adults don’t play like children. Of course there are different sports and activities that are more appropriate for one age group than another, but the imagination, joy and abandon are often missing or much checked by our adult minds. It’s really sad that we have lost much of this ability to play without regard to end results, without a plan, without restraint.

When you start to recognize these challenges and begin to really play, with openness, honesty and the “nakedness of spirit” often seen in children, then playfulness begins to transform your inner-child. After a time, this attitude begins to leak into other aspect of your life. You’ll notice that your relationships with others become more meaningful, work burdens become lighter, and mundane day-to-day activities take on a new and richer meaning. Those challenges in life that would often make you impatient, become games in themselves. Eventually all of those things in your life that made for stress, anxiety, anger and fear begin to become transformed, and the joy of being “naked in spirit” lightens your burdens, brings you closer to others and brings about a strength that defies understanding.

All of life can be a playground, and everyone our playmates. We do not have to change our careers, our determination to succeed, or the drive that pushes us ever forward. All we have to do is let the child within have access to the world around us. I guarantee it will change your mind, grow your business, and deepen your relationships. “Play, play, play” is the mantra of those brave men and women who dare to transform the world around them by changing their world from within. You were created to experience joy and laughter. Claim your birth-right – play like there’s nothing else to do. Play like your life depends on it.