I occasionally talk with people about the difference between the Conservatives and Liberals in politics and my perspective on their same-ness.
I believe that the top 1 or 2 percent of the wealthy population control business and media.
MSNBC and FOX are basically owned by the same people or at least these people have the same goals – to make more money and to have greater power.
They control the questions asked and the answers given on both sides of the media coin. This process stops productive conversation on the real challenges that plague the population.
When these fabricated “battles” are fought on intangible subjects, the population has difficulty constructing the real concepts within their minds, believing in the constructs they are given by media.
New vocabulary is created for each side of the political spectrum, thus polarizing the population and preventing their ability to communicate with each other. On top of this, each side of the media coin vilifies the other side.
This technique was developed to perfection during the first and second world wars. The enemy is always made to appear less than human even devil-like. Take a look at war propaganda posters and you get my point.

There is only one coin. Both sides of the coin are still the same coin. It’s only when someone else steps in to create divisiveness that the two sides are at odds. I believe it is naive to think this happens without intent and forethought.
The enclosed image is the closest I can get to showing how much is controlled by so few. Media serves the whims and desires of these companies. Advertising dollars from these companies keep media alive.
Media, like any other animal, will do what it needs to do to stay alive. How many people can find within themselves the ability to transcend the current “created-for-you” paradigm. When I think of the huge machine looming over our heads
it brings to mind the movie The Matrix. We have to find ways to “unplug” to find the truth behind the lies.

(I don’t begrudge honest money making, just the dishonesty that’s often involved in the process)