It seems as though our media (TV, Radio, News, Print) seeks to distract us from the necessary solitude and reflection we need. In doing so, it removes the ability to be rational; to think deeper than the superficial fascia of the mercantile and political world created around us. There is a general loss of critical thinking and we fall prey to charlatans and thieves.
This manipulation of what we consume, benefits only a select and wealthy few, and impoverishes the rest. The media itself then becomes and addiction, whether it’s insipid television shows, broadcast news or social media. Much like refined foods, it does not satiate us, causing us to return to consume more, over and over in the hopes of finding fulfillment that never occurs. This tends to prevent us from ever going deeper beneath the surface; from penetrating the depths of the pablum of superficial culture. We are starving, but we are too busy to find real food. This includes the lack of thoughtful investigation and questioning of one’s inherited religion, or the belief that the latest political leader will make positive changes for the average man. We continue to seek a saviour who will protect us from evil amen. But ever and anon we come up with a hollow pinata of a man who inevitably saves or enriches himself at the expense of others.
The populations of this planet will never change if truth and justice are sought form outside sources. Only when the individual looks to his/her core to find where Beauty, Goodness and Truth spring forth. It is the soul of man, that aspect of spirituality granted by The Creator Himself that becomes the wellspring of all greatness to come. Service to one another will bring about a new civilization that transcends the meager and mundane machinations of the power hungry. From this place in the hearts of humanity, each will reach out to the other to elevate and improve, for where one rises, so all men rise.