My Dad worked in TV and Radio broadcasting, so I learned a lot about media, who it targets and how it operates. Even before the 60s and 70s it was used to manipulate the public for political and economic purposes. At that time the FCC was strong and limited the saturation in any market by any one company. Starting in the early 90s the FCC was co-opted by corporate media interests, and has given away it’s authority thus allowing uncontrolled media saturation in every market. All this means very little to the untrained observer, but if you investigate more closely you notice the increase in population manipulation. MSNBC and Fox are basically owned by the same Conservative 2% of the economic population. The polarization between the Left and Right has been increasing over the last few decades. Extremists in politics and media have become common. Both sides speak a different language and neither can talk with the other. Yet the real problems in our culture reside in the middle – where no one can seem to build consensus. We are being played. If the countries of the world are broke – where did that money go? Who got us into this economic trouble? If you say Obama or George Bush, you are only reciting what your media outlet has told you, it is not a fact. Open your eyes, kill the messenger (TV, radio, etc) then seek the one who wrote the message. Those institutions we created, years ago, to serve us are no longer doing their job. They have outlived their purpose. The population needs to come together and unite against those who want us to serve them.