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Our Social Contract

Many people don’t think of business as an expression of human values and meanings. Business is mostly thought of as a way to earn a living or create assets against future calamity. But business is also a social contract. It is a way of providing products and services, things we value, in exchange for other […]

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Who’s Correct?

I hear over and over from Conservatives about the “Liberal Media” and  I hear over and over from the Liberals about the “Conservative Media”. I don’t get it, it’s the same media. Yes, I understand that FOX is decidedly conservative and MSNBC is liberal, but what about NPR or MacNeil Lehrer Report? What about the […]

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The Path of Least Resistance

All the trials and tribulations in our lives are like the washboard at the side of the road – just before the gulley. They force us to awaken and move further into the smooth path of the road ahead, the path of Divine Providence. The wise person practices the path of least resistance, the path […]

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We are much like caterpillars with our eyes pointed downward at the earth below. We cannot see the transcendent ones, the butterflies, who rise above and fly to realms beyond our imagination. But that is our destiny and our destination.

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Playing True

As a business owner I am constantly dealing with an issue that appears to be a conflict of interest:  doing what is right versus doing what is legal. There are many behaviors that are legal for a business owner to do in creating profitability for their company, but they are not always right. There are […]

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