Regardless of the tumult, trials and tribulations of the apparent world around us, we can be completely untouched. Our external senses of hearing, touch, sight, etc are only aware of the material things that are presented to us on a daily and minute to minute basis. We have developed these senses just as a piano player has reshaped and developed his/her brain functions to make each hand do something complicated and completely different from each other. We focus on these senses as if they were all we had; as if they recorded the only reality that existed. But in doing so we have brought our powers of attention to the pastry store instead of the vegetable and meat shop – in a manner of speaking. There is not the sustenance or satisfying value in what the external reality can provide versus the internal, universal and spiritual realities we can discover by using our inward senses; senses most people are unaware of.

There is a deep and abiding calm within you, that you can tap, lean on, and use for a foundation of deeper living, less affected by the ever-changing/ever-the-same world around us. After so many years of living only with the physical senses it may take some time to discover the power and strength within you, but it is there, sleeping, resting until you rouse it from it’s slumber – and waken the giant that is you. Then you will begin to see that you are truly part of the beautiful universe around you, and that this same universe is part of you – really.