I hear over and over from Conservatives about the “Liberal Media” and  I hear over and over from the Liberals about the “Conservative Media”. I don’t get it, it’s the same media. Yes, I understand that FOX is decidedly conservative and MSNBC is liberal, but what about NPR or MacNeil Lehrer Report? What about the BBC?

I have an acquaintance who’s friends think he’s “just the nicest guy”, his detractors think he’s an ass. His friends and detractors do not communicate with each other. Are all of his friends good people? Are all of his detractors bad people? Of those who speak of this man who’s right, his friends or detractors?

We tend to associate with those we agree with. Right or wrong, if we are surrounded by one mode of communicating and resolving problems, to us that’s the only way – any other way is wrong. Unfortunately this mono-culture does not allow for growth of ideas. It does not allow for the exchange, development or introduction of new ideas. Staleness and regression result, progress and social growth perish. This is the edge of the knife we currently rest upon.